Are you suffering Spreadsheetitis in your environmental data management?

Top Symptoms include:
  • Loss of hair caused by deciphering colleagues Excel or Access databases
  • Long hours spent manipulating large volumes of environmental data in Excel
  • Longer hours spent transcribing and quality assuring laboratory data
  • Sleep deprivation caused by generating maps, time series graphs and tables for reports, the hard way

For immediate and permanent relief apply ESdat.  Most users save 40% or more office time.  Go home early, or do nearly twice as much!  


Do your environmental staff suffer from Databasephobia?

Top symptoms include:
  • A centralized database team owns all your data, and you need to fill in a request to get it.
  • You need a degree in IT to use the system.
  • It takes longer and is more difficult to use the database than to just do it yourself in Excel.
For immediate and permanent relief apply ESdat.  98.8% of science/engineering users recommend it.  In contrast to other systems there is no need to maintain an expensive and time consuming “database IT Team” to manage it for you.


ESdat Environmental Database Software

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