Tap into our experience and get your environmental data working for you.

We can help add value to your business.

As technology advances, the volume and complexity of data grows.

Extracting useful information and understanding in this environment has become increasingly challenging.

Our range of consulting services:

  • save you time & headaches
  • structure data in a useable form
  • add value and data understanding
  • increase decision making confidence
  • reduce risks & avoid pitfalls

Historical Data Import

Don't know where to start on that mountain of historical data?

We can help.

EScIS has extensive experience in helping clients with historical data. Save yourself time and avoid the headaches and pitfalls.

With multiple stages of data validation, we can consolidate large, complex data sets into usable and reliable structure. Leave it to us to wrangle the data into meaningful information, and free yourself to understand.


Are you facing pressures in resourcing projects? Do you experience resourcing peaks and troughs?

EScIS can strengthen your team, bringing experience and know-how in-house to short or longer term projects when you need it most.

Combine this with the decades of consulting experience the EScIS team gained prior to joining EScIS and you can be confident we can hit the ground running.

Configurable Solutions

We can help set ESdat up just the way you want.

Whether it be applying your branding to graphs, setting up field forms your way, or getting your tables looking just right, we can configure ESdat to help you stand out.

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